Sunday, April 06, 2008

Well to start lets have a bloody good winge!!!!!!!

Well hello,

This beening my first entry i thought i would start by doing what most taxi drivers do which is complaining to anyone who will listen!

Last night for the first time in all my years of taxi driver in the great city of Belfast i had to drive off on someone trying to get in to my cab at the Odyssey centre.

Now it has to be sayed that the reason i made like Lewis Hamilton was that the group of spastards* trying to get in where also trying ta drag the wee lad i was there to pick up out. The poor wee lad had just finished work and was just tryin to get home. I suppose that like everywhere else you get gangs of yobs in belfast but i pick up all over the city and you dont get folk gettin on like this even in the roughest areas like the Falls or the Shankill. But lets hope its a 1 off and not a sign of things to come now the troubles have gone.

*(spastard = self centred tit who possesses the qualitys of a spastic and a bastard)

Any visitors thinking of coming to belfast dont be put off by this post its real rarity that angthing like this happens
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