Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Sleep talkin man

Just a quick post to let you guy know about a blog  that has brightened many a day since i found it!
Its called sleep talkin man

Its a blog by an American lady who is married to a mild mannered English fella who talks in his sleep,she records them because not only are they out off character for him but for the most part v v funny.

The views expressed by Sleep Talkin' Man rarely reflect the opinions of waking Adam.
Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)

Some classics are
"Ho ch-... Ho chee... Ho chee na na na na na... na na na na... Yeaaaaaah, fuck yeah! Oh boy am I glad I got that off my chest... I feel so better now."

"Where are all the sleep sheep? Everyone's got a sleep sheep. My sleep sheep's not here. Oh. How am I meant to sleep without my sleep sheep? Sleep sheeeeeep... Wait, you've got two, you bastard! I'm taking that one. He's so soft. Ah, sleep sheep. Don't leave me again. Baaaaaaahhhh."

"(singing) I'm gonna be the captain, I'm gonna be in charge. I'm gonna be the captain, I'm gonna be-... You can fuck off to the back and sulk there. (singing again) I'm gonna be the captain, I'm gonna be in charge.... Captain Bollocks! I shall be Captain Bollocks. On the good ship Scrotum. It's a small boat, but it'll pack a punch. We'll be able seamen in our boat, Scrotum."

"Back off Robin. Batman is my bitch now. You're just a bitch's bitch, bitch."

"I'm sorry. I'm gonna have to bag up all my nasal hair. It'll take me hours, but, it will be worth it!"

and my fav

"Yes please. I'd like a panda burger with a side order of bamboo salad. That will work."

So give it a go and let me know what you all think of it!!
Heres the link Sleeptalkingman

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Possible taxi strike!!!

Well there are rumors of Fonacab drivers striking this Wednesday over the new 25% discount cards!

The last i heard the drivers had not decided there best course of action, they are divided on whither to strike for 24 hours  or a limited stop of about 4 hours over the evening rush hour.

Out of the 2 options i would favor the latter as a 24 hour strike wont hurt  fonacab any more than a 4 hour one would!

At the end of the day they will still get the same amount of depot rent income so the only reason to strike is to show that we are not happy about the way we have been treated and so management can no longer deny that we are unhappy with things as they are!

 They are doing this at the moment saying any talk of fonacab drivers being unhappy with there card scheme is rumors put about by rival firms, also the same excuse about the strike its self.

It is important for our loyal customers to know we do value your business, but this card which entitles anyone who has it to 25% off there fare is hitting only the drivers the company itself takes none of the hit how many folks out there could afford a 25% drop in wages.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The final tip!!

A Cornish taxi driver is £250,000 better off thanks to the will of a grateful customer.
For 20 years Don Pratt and his wife Gill ferried Mary Watson to and from the shops, to the doctors and on other errands around Newquay where she lived.
Ten years ago she moved away and died aged 86 in December 2009, leaving the couple her estate which included a small house and savings worth £250,000.
Mr Pratt, 65, has sold his taxi firm and has retired.
Mrs Watson became a regular customer of Don's Cabs after Mr Pratt offered to help take her shopping into her home.
After that Don's Cabs was the firm Mrs Watson used every day to get around the Cornish seaside resort.
Mr Pratt said: "I always try to help old people because one day you will be needing that help yourself.
She was a feisty lady, she did not take any nonsense from people
Don Pratt
"It should be the same for everyone."
Mr Pratt said Mrs Watson was always a good tipper and about 12 years ago she asked him to be best man at her remarriage.
He said: "She told me that if she outlasted her husband, 'I shall make sure I'll look after you.'
"I took it with a pinch of salt at the time."
Mrs Watson moved to Northampton 10 years ago, but Mr and Mrs Pratt kept in touch with her until about two years before she died.
"Her solicitor called to tell us she had remembered us in her will.
"I couldn't believe it when we found out she had left us everything.
"I'm not sure how her family feel about it, but the solicitor was clear that she wanted me to have what she left."
Mr Pratt has fond memories of her, even without the bequest.
"She was a feisty lady, she did not take any nonsense from people.
"I liked her. She was a lovely lady."
Now he has sold his taxi firm to a friend and is looking forward to a relaxing retirement.
"We worked days and nights. Now we can go travelling and all the other things we have not been able to do."
No-one was available for comment at the Argyle House care home in Northampton where Mrs Watson spent the last two years of her life.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Need football

So the World cup has started and like most working people i am faced with the dilemma how to ensure i get to watch as much footie as possible?

I am quite lucky in that i work evenings, so the day time matches are easy pickings but as the tournament progresses i am sure most of the games will be on later in the day.

I do have a few options though!

1. Sky plus the offending matches and try to avoid hearing the score!

(really don't think this will work with having radio on and picking up folks who seen the match)

2. Take the night off or come home for a couple of hours to watch!

(Not a chance in hell of getting away with this my pockets wouldn't hold out to it as things are already tight plus the wee woman with the big stick would kill me).

3. Put a T.V in the car!

(don't have TV that would fit in the motor, smallest TV i own is 24" and its too expensive to buy one)

4. Oh well just have to listen to it all on 5live!!


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

No thank's only pay me 3/4 of the fare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The company I drive for has handed out cards which entitle the holder to 25% of all there fares for life.

This was done without even asking the drivers who are the life blood of the company and lets face it without there would be no Fonacab

This means that they are basically giving me a 25% paycut to try and boost there business, as the driver recieves the fare but fonacab gets paid a set amount by the driver this loss of revenue wont affect the staff or management.
Here is a link to a Facebook group on the subject  please join if you can this random discount could put me out of business.

Many thanks BTD
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