Monday, February 23, 2009

What is it about shaved heads?.

Well you would think that i having two lady's rub your head would be nothing to gripe about and i gotta admit that a head massage can be very nice.
But it cant be a pain in the arse when your driving, its shall we say just a smidge distracting!

You would think that distracting the driver as he races through the narrow streets of Belfast is not something ya would want to do. I mean sure I'm probably the world third greatest driver (1st M.Schumacher,2nd The wee woman with the big stick wifee) but like most fellas i will make mistakes if distracted. (just ask the wife)

Anyway just touchin someone without asking is just fuckin rude and even worse if they are at work, yet this happens all the time when i am out on nightshift.
I don't mind a bit of a laugh with the punters it part of what i enjoy about my job. But if i was to walk in to any bar in Belfast and start rubbing the staff shoulders or head i reckon i would be in damn hot water!!
So how about we make a deal if you don't touch me i wont break your fingers!

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