Monday, April 26, 2010

Log Wood??

I bumped into a old friend of mine last week called Doker, probably the nicest fella i know.

He work on a garage forecourt picking up the rubbish and looking after the goods that sit outside like gas bottles and flowers.
He was coming off his break and was walking through the shop when he was approached by a little old Chinese lady.

"You get me log wood?" asked lady.
"No problem miss follow me" said Doker as he lead here outside.
Once there he lifted down a bag of logs for her and asked which car was hers.
The lady looked surprised and shook her head and said no log wood, so he showed her a bag of sticks, some peat briquettes each time getting the same response no i need log wood.

In the end he had to tell her that he didn't know what she wanted.

Too which she replied LOG WOOD WOOF WOOF
She wanted dog food he felt like such a prat


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