Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Hate Weddings!!!

Howdy folks,

I know I ain't been on in a while but for a change things have been quite hectic instead of running at there normal dull pace!
I have a wedding to go to, I don't like going to wedding and normally try to avoid them ( last one i went to was mine) but i gotta go to this one.
My little sister is getting married so i cant think of an excuse good enough!!
If you have one let me know!! Just kidding

Like most folks who avoid such events i don't really know why i dislike them so much.

They have many of the ingredients of a great day Family all gathered together,lots of friends around, good food and of course being Northern Ireland plenty of drink!
Even when i attend these things i do have a great time but before hand i always dread them.

Still where would the fun be if it all made sense!

Will let you all know how it went on Sunday, wish me luck.


  1. Hi there,

    I'm not a big fan of weddings either but that's because I don't like dressing up, can't walk in high heels, don't enjoy religious services, don't eat red meat, can't dance to save my life, don't drink much, and don't like sleeping in hotel beds!!! Also I feel that any gift should be worth at least £200 or it makes you look mean. And finally I get irritated by the life-and-soul-of-the-party types: showing off and being loud at weddings when you know they are probably moping round the house when nobody is looking.

    Enjoy the wedding...

  2. Thanks Sharon its go to know its not just me.


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