Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Just a large puddle!

Hot, damn its hot!

Well it is if your a short fat little fella like myself.

I'm just not built for weather like this century's of natural selection has seen to that!

All my folks as far as i can trace them back have live on these hallowed isles mostly Ireland, mostly the cold wet north part call Ulster,

They for hundreds of years have thought to themselves where is the most dank wet cloudy place i can find,cos i wanna live there!!

Case in point about 120 odd years ago some ancestors move to Florida where they stayed a whole year before moving to Canada so they could freeze there butts off.

So I'm grumpy i never was fond of the hot weather even went i was skinny so now I'm pretty much ball shaped I'm suffering.
If this keeps up there will be nothing left but a rather large puddle.

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