Monday, June 14, 2010

Need football

So the World cup has started and like most working people i am faced with the dilemma how to ensure i get to watch as much footie as possible?

I am quite lucky in that i work evenings, so the day time matches are easy pickings but as the tournament progresses i am sure most of the games will be on later in the day.

I do have a few options though!

1. Sky plus the offending matches and try to avoid hearing the score!

(really don't think this will work with having radio on and picking up folks who seen the match)

2. Take the night off or come home for a couple of hours to watch!

(Not a chance in hell of getting away with this my pockets wouldn't hold out to it as things are already tight plus the wee woman with the big stick would kill me).

3. Put a T.V in the car!

(don't have TV that would fit in the motor, smallest TV i own is 24" and its too expensive to buy one)

4. Oh well just have to listen to it all on 5live!!


1 comment:

  1. h belfast taxi im the fella who asked you a few questions on your last post.
    im still thinking about giving the taxiing a go though i dont think it will be with fonacabs after the 25% fiasco.
    i have 1 other question for you
    its about tax
    i know cabbies are self employed so what way do you do your tax?
    at the end of the week when you have all your takings what all comes out of it before you start taking tax off it and do you use an accountant?
    thx for any reply


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