Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Possible taxi strike!!!

Well there are rumors of Fonacab drivers striking this Wednesday over the new 25% discount cards!

The last i heard the drivers had not decided there best course of action, they are divided on whither to strike for 24 hours  or a limited stop of about 4 hours over the evening rush hour.

Out of the 2 options i would favor the latter as a 24 hour strike wont hurt  fonacab any more than a 4 hour one would!

At the end of the day they will still get the same amount of depot rent income so the only reason to strike is to show that we are not happy about the way we have been treated and so management can no longer deny that we are unhappy with things as they are!

 They are doing this at the moment saying any talk of fonacab drivers being unhappy with there card scheme is rumors put about by rival firms, also the same excuse about the strike its self.

It is important for our loyal customers to know we do value your business, but this card which entitles anyone who has it to 25% off there fare is hitting only the drivers the company itself takes none of the hit how many folks out there could afford a 25% drop in wages.

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  1. That's fucking horrible. The depot are dicks. You're also trapped by it because you can't ask people to boycott or anything or you lose out more.


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