Wednesday, June 09, 2010

No thank's only pay me 3/4 of the fare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The company I drive for has handed out cards which entitle the holder to 25% of all there fares for life.

This was done without even asking the drivers who are the life blood of the company and lets face it without there would be no Fonacab

This means that they are basically giving me a 25% paycut to try and boost there business, as the driver recieves the fare but fonacab gets paid a set amount by the driver this loss of revenue wont affect the staff or management.
Here is a link to a Facebook group on the subject  please join if you can this random discount could put me out of business.

Many thanks BTD


  1. Hey, I'm right with you. My books get put into "price promotions" sometimes, such as a 3-for-2 deal, meaning I get less in royalties. And my primary/main publisher and their sub-agent took 35% of all secondary deals on my first six books. Then I pay tax and my accountant. I don't mind - it's the nature of the business - a lot of thumbs in the pie - but everyone thinks all writers are millionaires. Not true. And it hurts when people say romantic fiction is rubbish. And negative comments like that also damages sales. I'm sure FonaCab will stop this promotion soon when they realise their drivers can't make ends meet. I use FonaCab and they are very nice drivers. Power to the people!!!

  2. there are great folks at fonacab but this was a very bad decision

  3. The cheek of them! You should sort them out. I'm with you, brother!


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