Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bloody Woman Driver's

I hate women drivers!

I now remember why I prefer nights, WOMEN DRIVERS. Not all women drivers are totally incompetent, just the large minority of them!
The picture above shows how a woman parked her car in a car park on the Lisburn Road, need I say more? She claimed she didn't know she had gone over the other cars, did the fact the sky was coming down to meet her not give her any clues????
I know what you're thinking, "She's a woman driver, what's she talking about?" but I'm not a woman driver, I'm a Lady driver.
The big difference is
  • Lady drivers are capable of driving the car without endangering anything around them.
  • They can park without it taking 10 mins and a lot of going back and forward in the space
  • They can force their way out of the street on a busy day without waiting for a big enough gap in the traffic, let's face it in rush hour no one's going to leave a big enough space for anyone!
  • They have good spacial awareness so know when a gap is big enough to get into, I think many have never been lied to about the size of things!!!
I know someone who embodies the worst of all these traits.

First of all, she learnt to drive late in life, she was about 40. I congratulated her for doing it but when out on her first long trip after passing she went along the M2 at 30mph!!
She spent the whole journey being honked at and flashed dirty looks by fellow drivers, I was hiding behind my coat, the big man (who was in the rear seat) was screaming as other cars doing 70mph nearly cannoned into the back of us!!!
A few years later my son was able to correct her when for the umpteenth time that month she'd taken the wrong turn when going to Ballymena the wrong way up a one way street.
I wouldn't have minded but he was only 4yrs old and she'd been going there for at least that length of time.
When parking at her door she waits until there's a gap big enough for two cars and only then will park because if she doesn't it takes her at least 5 mins and about 10 lots of backwards and forwards along the same lines before she's satisfied the car's in the right place. It was OK the first time.
She also has no confidence when pulling out from a side street, once it took her almost 15 mins to do this as she didn't want to be pushy or get her car damaged! 
'People will stop if you give them no other option' I tell her, but maybe that's just the taxi driver in me bursting out.
She has also went up a one way street the wrong way, I was on my knees praying I wouldn't die too young or damage my pretty face.
Needless to say I don't go out with her that often anymore as my nerves are frayed by the time I get to the end of the street, what used to be a few times a week is now just once and only because I'm too lazy to do my shopping alone, although it would cost less if I did!

So to cap it all I hate incompetent women drivers and am looking for a support group for all victims of these women and some of the men drivers (may as well be women if they can't drive right)

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