Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oi Fatty

 Well i have decided that is really about time that i thought about losing a little bit of weight!

Unfortunately putting on weight can be a side effect of a job such as mine if you don't keep an eye on what you eat and i was already heavy when i started.

Spending such large amount of time sitting in the car sometimes up to 70 hours a week, it doesn't leave a lot of time for exercise not that  you could be bothered most of the time as your legs get sore from all that sitting about and most of the time your just glad to get home at the end of the night!!

But for me my weight has now started to limit the amount of things i can do and affect my general health to the point where it even affects my work as well as what i do with my family.

So i have started a diet, well  more off an attempt to alter the  foods i eat and the amount than anything structured i figure one step at a time!!!

I have decided to keep a food diary so i can track what i eat and the calorie content of what i eat so i can ajust  things where needs be.

I have no doubt i will find this difficult as like a lot of obese folks i tend to eat out of habit and  when I'm bored. (yes i get bored a lot)

The last time i was weighted i clocked in at 200kg that was over a year ago, i think that i would be heaver than that now but part of the problem is its hard to get scales that can measure folk like myself.

So i will keep you posted on how i am doing, how badly I'm struggling and what if any weight i manage to shift.


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