Friday, July 16, 2010

Glad thats over!

Well thats another twelfth of July over with thank God!!
Working has nigh on impossible over the last week or so, when i have been out i haven't felt safe which is unusual for me.

I suppose what bothers me most isn't the lack of earnings its that people who would have came to visit Belfast might not bother now and lets face it based on whats been on the news the past few nights.

The real Belfast
But honestly we are not all nutters if fact very few of us are the fools who riot are mostly kids egged on usually by numptys who never leave there own wee area of Belfast so have a slanted narrow view off life.

Belfast really is a great place to live and work and damn it its a great place to visit for a weekend too just sometimes a few twats let the side down.
Suppose the only good thing is it reminds us off how far things have moved on

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