Saturday, July 24, 2010

why I love/hate my job - Mrsbelfasttaxi

                I love my job for a number of reasons the most important one being - IT'S NOT LIKE REAL WORK. I GET TO DRIVE ALL THE TIME AND TALK TO PEOPLE (a woman's favourite pastime, talking that is) and I get paid for it!!
                  I get to work the hours I want and don't answer to anyone (except the big man at home!)

  • I get to meet people from all walks of life and manage to escape unscathed!
  • I hear many interesting titbit's of info which, although I promise not to tell anyone they know I will certainly use as and when I see fit to without giving away identifying details.
  • I don't meet many of my customers often. It is embarrassing if I do when I'm not at work, they know me, talk away and I'm going inside "Who the hell are you? Do I know you from somewhere?"
  • When a man gets into the cab and calls me "mate" before looking and then spends the rest of the journey apologising, it's nice to see a guy grovelling makes my shift!
There are many more reasons why I love this job but can't think of more at the moment or can't print them!

I hate my job for fewer reasons but most of them I can print - Mainly sexist people who think women don't do the job and are surprised when I turn up!
  • I hate pukers in the cab, don't mind how many times they get me to stop so they can lean out or get out the door to be sick but hate when they just wind the window down to be sick out of. Don't want the side of the cab to be covered, I'd have to clean it! (the big man knows I don't do cleaning of cars. Had my 1st ever car for over a year before cleaning it!!)
  • Hate drunk little girls. Many are about 14 - 16 maybe first time out? "We're 18, honest!" (don't make me laugh) Usually the Odyssey in Belfast, but have drunk so much I sometimes worry what will happen to them. MAYBE I'M GETTING SOFT? Nah, more worried about what state my cab will be in when they get out!
  • People who insist I must be their taxi as they're the only one standing there.
  • People who think because I'm a woman I don't know how to do the job. They either want me to tell them the name I've to pick up and low and behold it'll be them or won't tell me a street name just an area and assume I don't know where the street will be in that area! (sometimes I don't Belfast is a big place)
  • People who think I care what's wrong in their lives. I do but only for re-tell sake, need something to talk about to pass a long journey that may resort in a long discussion on the subject.
Will probably come up with more reasons in the comming weeks as to why I love or hate my job but on the whole I love being a taxi driver!


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