Monday, January 03, 2011

African Women.............

 Mine where not nice smiley ladies like this one

Oh well another year is over and i cant say i am sad to see it go.

Last year was kind of rough for myself and the family for all sorts of reasons but God willing this one will be if nothing else a bit more fun!!

Anyway i am going to start the year by sounding racist but hopefully i wont make everyone hate me!
(More than they already do)

First of all lets get the racist part out of the road.

I don't care if you black,white,yellow even if your bright orange because of to much fake tan.

  I couldn't give rats ass where you are from, what religion you belong to, nor do I care what you choose to wear from a three piece suit to a sari.

What i do care about is a how you behave and that show a little respect!!

Last night was the last straw.

I new the second I seen her she and her friend would be a pain in the arse.

They came out of the house 2 down from the house they ordered the cab for waddling and both wearing looks that i can only describe as a sneer.

They where African women.

I don't know where in Africa they where from if I had to guess I would say Nigeria but to be fair with my uselessness with accents i would probably be wrong!

I know they where African thought as they wore brightly coloured African style clothes which although impressive not exactly practical for cold wet evenings in Belfast!

They slumped down on the rear set of the cab and barked out the name of the street they wanted to go to not wanting to waste any small talk with me.

They where heading to the far side of town.

The streets where quite empty so i made good time as they sat behind me twittering away in some other language which if i am honest annoyed me.

But only because i am a nosey bugger.

 I thought about learning Chinese just so i could know what they where saying, even if most of the time they are only talking about what to have for dinner!

The journey these ladies where taking costs about £10 give or take a little for traffic but they where going to refuse to pay it.

It was all to expected when we where just about walking distance from there destination that one of them announced that they would not be paying the price on the meter.

They had decided that for my services that they would pay £3 only because that was a fair price for such a journey!

£3 for a 5 - 6 mile journey.

Like i said i knew this was going to happen it happens every time I pick up similarly dressed women and i do mean literally every time.

Now most just tried to get a pound or two for the fare nothing like the £7 these two old biddies where trying for.

They didn't look very please when I laughed, they looked even less pleased when they where told if they didn't want to pay the proper fare I would leave them at the side of the road.

Apparently even though they where trying to stiff me it was job to take them where they wanted to go.

So much bickering later we arrive at there address.

Where after a short argument they jump out and throw a fiver at me and scurried of into them home.

My dilemma dear reader is in future do I lift these folks I hate to turn down any fare based on what they look like, 
but am sick of getting stiffed over the fare at the end of the day i am trying to make a living.

They pull this scam every time with these folks not most of the time or some of the time but every single time!

What to i do?


  1. Drive them to cop shop or turn round and take them back to their starting point!

  2. Taking them to the cop shop would be pointless as they are not refusing to pay.
    Under the law only if they refuse to pay are they stealing or committing an offence!

  3. If you have the inkling that they are suspect, before even giving them a lift, give them an honest estimate of about how much it would cost up front (EXAMPLE: In the previous cited instance, before putting the car into gear, state that it will run them about 9-11 pounds, depending on traffic, and ask them if they have that much money on them)

    If they waiver right in the beginning, tell them you don't want to go and mumble somthing about engine/brake trouble.

    If they whole heartedly agree with the guesstimate of the fare, I would be less concerned.

  4. Honestly people from many countries believe in bartering and haggling over prices, you have to establish that your prices are non negotiable from the start. Then if they refuse nothing lost if they accept nothing lost. I've honestly had more Caucasians steal or cheat me out of pay than non.

  5. Anon - If they thought that the price was negotiable that would explain their actions however these particular women know that the price is set by the meter.


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