Monday, January 24, 2011

You could hear a pin drop........

Why wont anyone talk to me?

I am pretty sure I don't smell any worse normal!

OK I have let my hair and beard grow to the point where I look like a very chubby Animal from the Muppet's but surely it cant be that?

After all they spent most of the journey looking at the back of my head!

I have even tried the the stock questions that all cabby's use to start a conversation.

Where you waiting long?

Brrr its cold out there! isn't it?

Etc, Etc, Etc.

One word answers was all i was getting
I would have had better chance of getting a tin of striped paint than a decent conversation

All weekend  i think only 3 or 4 people bothered to chat while i drove them home, really quite boring!

Must have been the most boring weekend i have ever work.
No scandal or gossip at all.

I don't know what has everyone so sullen and depressed all of a sudden.

Still maybe they will cheer up soon after all its not long till payday!


  1. Same here, no emails for days now. Must be the weather. I'm thinking of painting my hall duck egg blue but wonder if it will look cold. I cooked healthy meals all last week so this week I may just do veggieburgers. That's it really!!!

  2. It is supposed to be boring in Toronto too. I am so happy that it is not. Every day is busy. Yesterday I have met one guy who is crazy about cheese. We talked and talked.
    I also plan to visit an artist's studio. He is making collectible dolls. Tomorrow I will meet my friend who repairs famous paintings.
    I have got one commission.
    I hope this doesn't sound like bragging :)
    I love to read blogs; yours in particular. Where can we find the time?
    I hope that the colour of your beard is not the same color as Animal from the Muppets :)?

  3. short days and cold nights give people cabin fever and they aren't in the mood to be chatty.

    Give it another 2 months is my prediction.


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