Thursday, January 20, 2011

Late Night Food

Where can i get something to eat?

Pretty normal question for any taxi driver, but one that i dread when its asked anytime after 1 am.

Belfast like most town’s and city's has the usual assortment of Chinese, burger and kebab joints open catering to the multitudes getting kicked out of the pubs and clubs.

I suppose my problem is in recommending any of them is simply i haven't tried any of them.

But can you blame me i have picked up from most of these joints and maybe because I'm sober the smell of some the crap they pass off as food nearly has me ready to boak!

There used to be one place not to far from Benedict's a small kebab shop who’s kebabs smelled of that iron like smell you get of blood smothered in garlic.


But at least they where better that a certain chip/burger/pizza/kebab shop on the Lisburn rd who i witnessed use their chip scoop as a fly swat, then go back to using it without cleaning it.

Eeeeaahh, i shiver just thinking of it again.

That said i have in my misspent youth rolled out of many a pub at closing time unable to think any further than the local Chinese or chippy
Hell from time to time i even forced down a Kebab.
(Spinks on Stranmillis Rd yum yum)

There is one place that mystifies me as to why its so busy.


I mean what the hell are people thinking?

I have never once fell out of a pub and thought to myself you know what i could kill for a Sandwich!

Burgers,curries,chips,kebabs hell anything that's been fried or hot and spicy.

But a chicken salad bap with cheese no mayo and extra jalapeños!

I'm sorry i don't care what you say its just wrong!
Sad smile


  1. I eat at Subway about 7 or 8 times a week. Really.

    Their tuna is the best, simply tuna and mayo. Period.

    I can't STAND celery or chopped onion in my tuna and they do a commendable job of avoiding it.

    It's not exactly post-pub fare though. In this part of Florida there are several diners that serve anything from breakfast to full dinners at all hours.

  2. 7 to 8 times a week!

    I can kind of understand Subway in lovely warm Florida afternoon but a cold wet Belfast night?

  3. Had it again tonight. Double meat tuna on wheat bread. Thing must weigh 3 pounds!

  4. You need to watch those things 3 pounds! Too many of those babys and you will have a gut like mine.

  5. Hi! I'm new to your blog came by way of " MAPSTEW." I enjoyed reading your blog.
    I have to say this is so true about the night food!

  6. Hi Olga its nice to have someone new commenting. Thanks for dropping in.


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