Sunday, January 16, 2011

A little bit of perspective.......

Hey folk's
I have finally managed to get out of the cab.
January means long shifts in the taxi game unfortunately.
Everyone ends up putting in more hours than normal to try to make up for the lack of trade.  
Its the same every January, yet every year I manage to forget how slow trade gets.
Regular punters struggle to pay off their credit cards instead of going out I suppose!
Still as much as i whinge about working long hours their is always some poor bugger worse off.
Last night i picked up a homeless man who had been moved on by the police on Botanic Ave,
I guess he was in his mid twenty's, he had been drinking but wasn't drunk and although scruffy looking was quite clean and very pleasant to talk to.

He was only going about half a mile but we chatted on the way
he had end up living on the streets when his mums new boyfriend had moved in!

I didn't push him for details but it was clear he had been homeless for a while.

I felt so sorry for him but at the same time quite helpless to do anything to really help!

When i was a teen i ran away from home and lived on the streets for a few weeks, it was probably the hardest few weeks of my life.

I was cold ,wet,scared and hungry most if not all the time.

I can only imagine that anyone else living that way feels the same!

Needless to say i didn't charge him for the ride although i will be making a point of looking out for him around the city centre.

I just kinda wish i could have helped more.


  1. Good luck keeping an eye for him.
    You do what you can, but you can't do everything.


Talk to the cabby??

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