Monday, January 17, 2011

Jr hits double figures

Me and Jr at the Giants causeway a few years ago

 My little boy turned ten last weekend and im not quite sure how the hell it happened.

Have the last ten years really when so quickly?

It seems that it has and i have not even came close to doing all the things i  wanted to do with him by now.

I know every parent claims their kids grow up too quickly but that is exactly how it feels.

It seems like overnight i have went from having this tiny little tot who was always pleased to see me  to a cheeky wee git (but lovable) who is almost as sarcastic as this mother.

Even though i have always been there, it feels like I missed huge parts of him growing up.

I don't know if his 20th birthday will feel like it has came around as quickly this one, but i plan to pack in as much fun with him as I possibly can in the next ten years.


  1. Congrats BFT!

    On a more serious note though...

    Jameson or Bushmills? THAT is the question.

  2. J.D - Bushmills the oldest distillery in the world my friend wins hands down every time.

    As they said in Highlander "There can be only one".

  3. My wee chick will be 18 soon, I may require a short stay in Knockbracken to get my head round it, but then again I reckon she won't want to leave home with its 24-7 Room Service. Have you noticed how few men/women enjoy doing housework these days???

  4. I've tried them both recently and I think youre right.

    They are highly similar, however Jameson is slightly sweeter with a hint of lacquer thinner aftertaste.

  5. Sharon- People do housework voluntarily??


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