Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Belfast City Airport Anything to Screw Another Few Quid Out of You

 Roads Paved with Gold

Yesterday Belfast City Airport decided to impose more charges on its customers using its drop off and pick up zone,

From Tuesday 1st March 2011, using traffic management as an excuse the airport declared the 10 minute free period for the pick up and drop off zone may only be used once.

After which GBBCA will operate a ‘No return within 30 minutes policy so that the sneaky wee shites who leave the carpark and re-enter after 10 minutes instead of giving us money will have to pay when the person they are waiting to pick up is late on one of our flights.’
(this would included lots and lots of taxis)
If you return to the Pick Up & Drop Off Zone within 30 minutes of your previous visit even if you are a taxi bringing different customers, you will automatically be charged a minimum of £2.00 upon exit. 

This should make us lots and lots of lovely cash because taxis in the mornings sometimes drop here several times and hour.


  1. Hmmm, so it wouldnt be worth it to stagger pick-ups and wait the 30 minutes?

  2. That is just ridiculous! Have they given an excuse yet for the reasoning behind it?

  3. Supergreensunbear - They didn't give a reason,but I think they may be down to their last few hundred million or so.


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