Monday, March 28, 2011

A little Trip

Cayenne on Great Victoria st

Friday night was turning out to be normal half hearted slog its been for the last month or so now and if i am honest i was staring to come up with an excuse that Mrs.belfasttaxi would believe for calling it a night.

I wasnt having much luck the trouble with having a spouse in the same trade as yourself is they know when your spoofing.

Just as i was about to get out and stretch my legs i got a call to Cayenne to pick up table 50 going to Bangor.

Nice little run i was quite chuffed, so off a sped

 (parking outside Cayenne can be difficult) 

I managed to get parked easily right outside the door which was great as my leg still gives me some hassle and was badly swollen!

Anyhoo i go in and ask the lovely waitress for my table and wait by the front door.
(staff in Cayenne are always lovely and great to deal with)

I'm told they are on there way so i go to head back to the car, trouble is my knee has just locked up.

So i am for the want of a better description gimpping (picture Igor form Frankenstein movies) back to the car trying to look as normal as possible when my fare, two couples  come out of the building and call to me checking i was for them.

I turned round smiled at them and assured them i was.

I then spun back round missed the curb and with all the grace of a hippo high diving bellyfloped onto the road

I am pretty sure i looked like a  beached manatee laying in the road.

I know what you think my fare ran to my aid being the kind well rounded people of the world that they where!

Did they my arse, they near wet  themselves laughing.


Still  revenge was mine sort of!

I went to Bangor the long way.


  1. Had I been your fare I would have helped ya. After I'd picked meself up from the laughin! :¬)

    Sorry, hope the leg is a bit better today pal!


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