Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ruby goes to the park!

 Ok she may of grown a wee bit since this photo

We have had our pup ruby about 8 months now and from time to time we take her to see her litter mate who are owned by my cousin.

I couldn't go because of my ankle playing up so she took a few videos for me.

This is ruby when she arrived at the park messing about in the woods waiting on the other pups arriving

Ruby had a bit of a run about and was her normal pain in the butt self

But then the real messers of the family turned up and reminded us just how good a dog ruby really is by jumping straight into the river the both of them.

Which made Mrs.belfasttaxi scream like a little girl on this video!

Finally they got them out of the river (mrs.belfasttaxi go a wet butt for her trouble)
but instead of going home in my taxi like they where ment to my cousion and had to walk.

While all we had to but up with was a tired puppy

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