Wednesday, March 04, 2009

£25 for a Lightbulb?

This morning i had to take my motor to the car dealership, like a lot of taxi drivers in Belfast and the rest of northern ireland i drive a Skoda Superb.

I have very few complaints about the superb its over all really quit a good car and plenty of space for passangers and there luggage but one of the few things that does piss me of is that its next to impossible to change the headlight bulbs yourself.

I spent and hour of my life in Mervyn Stewards dealership this morning! for any other car i have had changing the bulbs was a two minute affair and cost about 2 quid.

Being a taxi driver i don't like spending money (have been accused of squeaking when i walk) i think its a bit much to charge £25 to change a bulb and take an hour and a bit to do it!
But it was ether pay up or get out my socket set and try to figure out what the idiot who designed the headlight was up too and which drugs he was on at the time.

Oh well at least i will get to work tonight (joy)


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