Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Worst customer ever!!!

I like meeting different people its one of the reasons i do the job i do and i think for the most part i get on with the vast majority.

I have picked up everyone from high powered business men and the odd celebrity to O.A.Ps and homeless drunks.

They all get treated the same, well OK i don't help businessmen out of the car like i do with O.A.Ps but you know what i mean. I will do what ever i can to make the drive as pleasant as i can with in reason so long as it doesn't involve listening to country music.

There is one kind of customer that sends me over the edge though and makes me want ta hit them repeatedly with something heavy until there is nothing left but a bloody mangled corpse.
I hate people who look down on others,because they think there better that everyone else. Worst about these pompous twats is they come in all shapes and sizes and in all guises too.

The horrid auld crone i gone today took the biscuit, I arrived at her house in galwally about midday sent through call back to let her know that i was there and waited.
I was about to put it down as a no job when a middle aged lady open the door and shot me a dirty look, i thought OK i got a moody one here and decided to be polite but not to make much chatter.

Well furnished locking the 40 different locks on here front door and made her way to the car she then stood out side the car for about a minute.
At this point i thought i would ask if everything was alright i don't mind punter taken there time but this was starting to take the piss, it was at this point she informed me that she was waiting for me to open the door for her.

Its not locked i said then it clicked she as she looked at me with a look of sheer horror i was ment to get out of the car and open her door for her butler style!!!

I mean what the fuck, i have no problem helping anyone who needs it you know O.A.Ps and the disabled hell anyone who asks me nicely but to just expect someone to open the door for you because you think your special na don't think so.

The ignorant shite then spent the entire journey criticizing my car, my driving style, random people at the side of the road i never anyone with such an ego before or since.

At the end of the journey she made a point of handing me exactly the right change a whole £3 just in case i tryed to steal her penny's.

Still at least she was getting out although i though i might have to put my coat over the pavement so her feet didn't get wet!

Pray to God i never get her again


  1. I'd avoid the old bag like the plague, next time. I know people who expect the best service without tipping, and that includes waiters etc. What an attitude.


  2. I dont expect a tip its nice when you get one even if its only 10p it really is the though that counts. As for service it only makes sence to try to provided the best you can or you just lose customers!

  3. Hopefully obnoxious folk like that are as rare as hens' teeth!

    I'm sure you felt like putting the foot down and speeding off.

  4. Its times like these that you wish you had a few Guinness farts left inside waiting to escape.

    Manners cost nothing.

  5. Um, pardon my ignorance but what's an "O. A. P?"


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