Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Poor greek lady!!!

This morning at 5 am as i wedged my oversize bottom into cab i heard that another poor soul had his life taken from him by some very evil men, if i was depressed after what happen on Saturday night i was now in the depts of despair.

You see i love my country and more than that i love the people of my country no matter if they are on the green or the blue side of the divide,i have family on both.

The people of Northern Ireland and Ireland are for the most part friendly welcoming people who enjoy the company of others this may be one reason that Belfast has become 1 of the top 5 places folks from the UK head to for a weekend away.

I was touched today by a middle aged Greek lady who has lived here for about the last 15 years, she had not heard the news about the policeman killed last night and after hearing on the radio
she started to sob.

In the years she has lived here she fell in love with the people here and now thinks of Belfast as her home, she was frightened that the madness of the last few day would spread and she would have to leave.

Cannot help but think she loves this place and its peoples more than those indoctrinated murderer's could ever do.


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  1. you are probably right......I had tables of Americans and another of Aussies and yet another of French this very evening......they were all heading out of the North tomorrow......that's not so cool.....


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