Sunday, March 15, 2009

skint again!!

Oh well another week over and once again we are left wondering why we bother!!

Sorry i don't mean to sound so pessimistic but ach its been one of those weeks haven't managed to put in a decent days work.

I had so many things i have had to do during the hours i normally would work, doctors, getting car serviced, getting counselling to help with shock of the price of getting the car serviced and time off due to lack of sleep!

I am not sleeping at nights for various reasons of which i wont bore you but need less to say i am in pain something i don't do that well, so i am being left unfit to drive.

Some would go to work anyway and i must admit i have been tempted but though better of it don't think Mrsbelfasttaxi would be happy if i rapped the car around a lamp post .
Shes pretty attached to the car!!

Anyway all the above has left us short of cash and me felling guilty despite the best efforts of my beloved. Thanks to her efforts we can pay the bills this week but due to my time off we have nothing left for spends which has been the case for a few weeks now.
Its just starting to get depressing i know struggling but its hard to take when you know its down to your lack of work.

Any way my next post will be about the day all taxi drivers fear and only the fool hardy work! MOTHERS DAY!! Lord even typing it makes me shudder.
till then


  1. Don't start me about cars and running costs! I'm dreading the ingnition coil/warning light reset bill. Why couldn't it wait till after I'm trading in!


  2. You can't be that skint if you decided not to work St Paddy's day...! ;-)

  3. I will never be so skint that i would work st paddys, i world rather feed my kids scabby dog on moldy bread that work St paddys


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