Sunday, March 08, 2009

NO NO Not this again.......................

Two shot dead at Antrim army base

Massereene Army base in Antrim
It is believed that there were two long busts of gunfire during the incident

Two military personnel have been shot dead during a gun attack at an Army base in County Antrim, police said.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland said two further military personnel and two civilians, all believed to be male, were were in a serious condition.

The incident took place at the Massereene Army base in Antrim, 16 miles north of Belfast, at 2140 GMT.

Tonight a handfull of fools have tryed to drag both sets of people of this Island back too the dark dark days of are past. God willing they will not succed.

My thoughts and prayer are with they familys of those injured and killed.



  1. all home safe n well I hope.....

  2. The current feeling on this in Glasgow, all parts of Glasgow by the way, regardless of colours, is that it is a huge tragic step backwards.

    No one wants to return to the bloodshed, no one wants to live in fear.
    When will these bastarts realise that?

  3. Manuel: Yes bud all home safe thanxs for ask'n mate

  4. more......beyond words....


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