Monday, August 02, 2010

Belfast Gay Pride 2010


 Last weekend in Belfast was Gay pride i didn't see any of it myself which was quite unusual as we tend to get quite a bit of work out of this event.

One of the more memorable jobs  i got from pride was about 3 -4 years ago, so there was a  fella who had decided that he didn't like his hotel room so he was going home and lady who was with him.
(but not with him if ya know what i mean nudge nudge wink wink)

Well the job was a worth while one picking up at the Kremlin (the main gay club in Belfast) going to Dublin.

The problems started shortly after he got in the motor  as he pretty much insisted on listening to possibly the worst dance music i have ever heard on the radio also as  i have said before ain't the best with accents so that coupled with the fact he was very slightly drunk and as camp as a row of pink tents i had no chance of understanding him.

Thankfully his lady friend was able to translate but to be fair the poor fella  I'm pretty sure thought i was acting the prat and was ready for hitting me a slap after about 20 minutes.

 Passing Dundalk  he drifted off to sleep for a few minutes which was a bit relief and i was able to find out  the reason he was going to pay for a £125 fair back to Dublin and forfeit the money he payed out on accommodation was?


I mean what the f**k, paying i suppose £200 all in because you didn't want to stay in room with unattractive window dressings unreal.

So about 2 hours later we arrived in Dublin where he tried paying me in Euro's instead of Pounds sterling , his fellow passenger was very embarrassed by this so intervened and we where able to work out a exchange rate for the fare.

Euros where only worth about 69p at the time so his £125 fare became 180 Euros.

This is also the only time i have ever been paid in Euros.

Anyhoo too those who went to Belfast pride 2010 hopefully you all had a good time

(text in pink for Gay pride)

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