Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Daddy vs Chips


Myself and the family sat down to watch an old video cassette. 
 yesterday afternoon.

The advertisement above was on it ,one of the wife's favourites
Mrsbelfasttaxi laughed her pretty little head off she always though it was funny, but had forgotten all about it!

I don't know why decided to toy with the emotions off our only son for her callous amusement.

But she asked him the one question all children everywhere dread.

Daddy or Chips?
God love him he didn't know where to look
, A look i can only describe as panic flashed across this poor little face,  I could almost hear him silently wish that she had just give him a weeks grounding with extra homework!!

But after a few seconds calm returned to his complexion, he turned to his mum looked her straight in the eye and give an answer that will go with me to my grave.

Are we talking oven chips or chippy shop chips?

The Little git.

Mrsbelfasttaxi near wet herself , humpff well i am glad someone found it funny!!


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  1. They might say chips, but you & I know, Da always wins! My youngest (12 in a couple of weeks) is stuck to me like glue at the moment, talk about 'me & my shadow'! She's even helping with the wallpapering! :¬)


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