Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Racist Taxi Driver

I was over  at Manuel's blog the well done fillet. for some light reading before shuffling up the wooden hill to hit the sack
The post was about how he had foot and mouth moment by accidentally making a remark that taken the wrong way could be i wee bit racist.
It was a funny post but Manuel has my sympathy because well been there done that.

It was coming up to Christmas oh about 5 maybe 6 years ago, back then i was working for different  depot than the one i work for now.

It was coming up on the end of my shift when a bearded middle aged fellow asked could i take him up the Antrim Rd to Sommerton Rd.

Being christmas i had made a disc of parody Xmas songs to keep me and my punters amused and this was playing away in the background.

It had all my Christmas favourites from Frosty the pervert to Mr hanky the Christmas poo to the classic that is Grandma got run over by a reindeer.

Well the pleasant bearded fella chatted away for most of the journey making the usual small talk about what was i doing over Christmas and the new year.

As we approached the top of the Summerton Rd all of a sudden he wasn't so pleasant any more all chat stopped and i swear he looked slightly pale. 

As i didn't know what number on Summerton Rd i was for i asked where abouts he would like to be dropped off.

At the synagogue please he replied, in that instant i understood why he had went quiet because for the last mile my radio was singing "Its hard to a Jew at Christmas".

I nearly died there are only about 200 Jew's in the whole of Northern Ireland and i had managed to upset one of them.

My punter paid his fare and was out of the car so quickly i never got the chance to apologise and to this day i still feel a little guilty  



Talk to the cabby??

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