Friday, August 13, 2010

Pet peeve....

Every job i have ever done since leaving school has had its little annoyances.

 Should it be having to work late when working as security because the person who was meant to relieve you is running late or not coming in.
It was other people borrowing my tools without asking during the many years i worked as an electrical engineer.

None of those however bugged me as much as my current taxi drivers pet peeve!!

Folks who argue over who's paying the fare!!

Now its not what you think i could understand if they where bickering over wanting the other person to pay or pay there fair share, 
I could even understand trying to talk your way out of having to pay.

But nope its none of these its punters who shout and yell that they should be the one's allowed to pay.
Usually this happens when 2 couples are sharing a cab home, it never seems to happen when its just a group of fella's.

I cant help but feeling its just another way of showing off simply because of the big show so many of them make of trying to be the one who pays.
Its not unknown to have punters shouting at me not to take money from the passenger. 
(I have even had money just thrown at me which is bloody rude plus coins really fuckin hurt)  

If anyone really wanted to be the one who pays its not that hard to have a quiet word with me beforehand or if they are the first to be left home to hand to driver a little extra money to cover the rest of the journey discretely without causing a scene.

The strange things is you see, that while both of them are desperate to pay you in front of each other they go nuts if tell them you will be happy to let both off them pay full fare. lol

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