Thursday, August 05, 2010

Give me a little advice?

I have a dilemma dear readers.

I really don't know what to do i am having to decide whither to stay with the taxi depot i currently work with or move to another!!

My lifts with my present firm have dropped steadily if slowly for the last 2 years more or less to the point that i now only lift about 60% of what i used too.
Now i know times are hard out there and taxi drivers are being hit hard because well lets face it taxi's are a bit of a luxury for most folks

I don't think that working with another (smaller) firm that i would lift more money to be honest i am likely to lift similar money, but my expenses would be some what reduced and working restrictions would be a bit laxer.

There is of course a draw back the work i would get would not be as "clean" by this i mean my punters would tend to cause trouble or run off without paying.

There is also the problem of wanging on, 

Yes wanging is a word!!!

Wanging is when depot staff normally radio operators make sure the favoured driver gets the better paying work, some smaller depots are rife with this and while most drivers can spot it that its happening  proving it is always a problem.

Driving for one of the two main depots in Belfast  has quite a few draw backs too many to mention here but they do provide a measure of security, access to back up cabs if your own is broken, steady if not well payed contract work.

I really don't know what too do for the best,

So any advice you have i am willing to listen just post a comment i always read em,
 I am also going to post a should i stay or should i go poll please feel free to vote.


  1. I wouldn't know enough about the taxi business to give you fair advice.

    I invariably use Valuecabs because I find them reliable, courteous and they seem to have a certain standard of service. I used them recently to take three of us to a party outside Newtownards (about £18 each way).

    The big operators are certainly well established and would seem a good bet. There are so many smaller taxi operators that it must be hard to establish a good, profitable business in the current economic climate.

    I meant to ask: in the Food and Drink blog, how do you insert your logo as an image?


  2. I work for the other one of the big two in Belfast and to be honest i have always worked for a large city centre depot.
    But i think that the bigger depots are being affected more than the smaller depots because the big depots are based in the city centre and folks tend to use there local depot for short trips believing them to be cheaper.

    The bigger depots always made there money by being everyone's second choice when their first was busy, this doesn't happen any more!!

    As for how i inserted my image it was done by registering on a different site, i cant remember there name of at the mo will email you when i do.


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