Monday, August 30, 2010

Needless act of kindness...

by iulian nistea
Thought it was about time i blogged something a bit more positive so here we go.

Last winter i was just getting back to work properly after the being of ill for several months with my leg.

Just as i was turning  in to Upper Arthur st i heard an all mighty pop, i had gotten myself a puncture.
As i had punters on board i drove the last 50 yards to there destination the Garrick bar and dropped them off and got my money.

I pulled my fat carcase gimpy leg and all out of the car to make a start on changing the offending tyre.

It was lashing down with rain i was still struggling with my injured not having full mobility in my leg and my uniform doesn't exactly allow free movement so this was going to be fun!!

Well truth be told i managed to get the cab up on the jack and remove the tyre fairly easyly but putting on the replacement was something quite different.

Twenty minutes later i still could not get the new tyre on.

The trouble was that the tyre was very heavy and i was having to hold it on the rim with one hand while putting the bolts back in place with the other all while sitting on the pavement.

I just could not do it!!

Countless other taxi cabs drove passed and never though to help a poor fat lad!
I was ready for throwing a complete wobbly.

When out of the night a hero came, well out of the back of the Garrick bar.

A member of there staff a young chap i guess about 21 or so had been on a smoke break and had seen me having trouble,went and asked his bosses if they would mind him giving me a hand for a couple of minutes.

Thankfully with two of us we managed to complete the repair quickly but truth be told he did the bulk of the work.

How many of us would gave a second thought never mind  standing in the rain to help a useless sweating fat man change a tyre.

This young lad helped me for no other reason than he could.

He managed to restore a little faith in humanity in me.

I never got the chance to thank him properly because as soon as he finished he said goodbye and ran back to his work in the bar.

Just goes to show there are good people out there!

So fella if you ever read this you where a bloody hero, Cheers i owe ya one.


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