Sunday, August 08, 2010

Weirdo's, freaks and assholes!!

What an odd night Friday was.

Most of the punters that you pick up while taxiing are you normal, average everyday folk who's only interest in me is that i get them from a to be in fair amount of comfort for a not too extortionate price.

But once every so often like in life you get an weirdo or idiot  and you deal with it and get on with life!

Well last night not one of my punters where odd, most of my punters where weirdo's freaks ,perverts and assholes.

Quite frankly i am not sure where to begin there where so many.

There was the Hyper Polish fella trying to put on an English accent ranting about how Werther's Original sweets where the greatest achievement of mankind while trying to give packets of cashew nuts to anyone within 5 yards of the car.
He was closely followed by an absolute troll, this gay gent and i use the word gent in its loosest sense.
All the way through his journey home he bitched and complained that one of the young barmen at the hotel i collected him from had turned down his offer of sexual favours.
In this own words "What the fucks wrong with him, at his age you would think he would jump at the chance of a blowjob from a gay man, he 's probably never finished wanking".
 The scary thing is he was offended that the barman dared to turn him down,i spent the rest of the trip being told how much he loved sex while doing my best to get to his destination quickly.

I have never ever in the last 5 years of doing this job ever heard or seen any of the gay community here in Northern Ireland  behave like this, but i suppose every group of people is bound to have a few assholes!!

The next punter i had to deal with was lovely but she was interested in my life story and of course telling me hers, it not that uncommon this happens sometimes although its more common with lady's out on a hen night for some reason?
The trouble is getting them out of the car at the end of the trip while not making it look like you just want them to sod off.
I know it sounds harsh but i go to work like everyone else to make money and you cant do that if your stuck trying to get someone out of the car, thankfully i was sent another job out over the radio so i was able to escape.
Later i had to deal with little girl (aged  30 i would guess some people never grow up)who though she would have fun trying to embarrass me in front of her friends by say how gorgeous i was and touching my arms and face.  
It doesn't work and i end up having to put her in her place.
 it annoys me having to be cruel and nasty to knock folks who get on like this down a peg because they end up looking the fool in front of whoever they where trying to empress, i always feel like a right shit afterwards!
My last job of the night was a woman who had been caught cheating on her boyfriend by my customer, I ended up taking her home having to listen to her sob in the back seat all the way there. 
I hate being caught in the crossfire of things like this so i kept my mouth shut.

So that was Friday night i dread to think what Saturday will bring.



  1. New here, but I don't know how you do it night after night! Then again i'm in the entertainment biz so I suppose it must be quite similar. (Except I don't have to drive em home!) :¬)

  2. Hi Mapstew,

    First of all welcome,
    it was very unusual to get such a bunch of prats, most of the folk i would lift are great and very well behaved.
    My beloved taxi's as well and i wouldn't let here if it ment putting up with idiots every night.


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