Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eeh where are we mate?

Many many moons ago when i was a new fresh faced chipper little taxi driver driving for good old city cab I was given a job picking up at the Hss Ferry.

Now this was lets say an unusual job for a Saturday night but back then you just ploughed on trying to get jobs done ASAP.

To be fair this may have been the cause of what was to transpire but like any self respecting cabby I don't think What happened was my fault, I mean how could it be it me being perfect and it was obviously there fault anyway.

So i arrived at the terminal which to my surprise was quite busy but i managed to find my fare pretty quickly.

There was 4 of them and they wasted no time bundling into the car and despite the fact they where a little tipsy seemed in very good form.

All right fellas where we heading to tonight? Just take us to the Glen rd will you pal came the reply.

So off i speed while my punters babbled on amongst themselves.

While driving up the Falls rd the boys in the back seemed to go a little quiet, but i could still hear the odd mutter from behind me anyway i was too busy nattering on to the bloke sitting beside me to worry.

Well we got the Glen rd pretty quickly and i had driven as far as the Glenowen bar just before the roundabout when i decided to find out where exactly they wanted dropped off.

"So where abouts you folks do you fellas want out then"? I asked

They all looked around  i guess to see where they where then looking slightly panicky they looked at each other.

The guy in the front seat was the first to speak"Em where abouts are we mate".

"The Glen rd that's right isnt it?" I asked

"You got the wrong one I think" came the reply

It was about now that i dawned on me that all these blokes where wearing blue! all these fellas where wearing bloody Rangers tops!!!

Oh shit I had just taken loyalist east Belfast rangers supporters into the heart of nationalist west Belfast.

They had meant to go to the Glen Rd in the Braniel, east Belfast not as i assumed thee Glen Rd in Andersons town, west Belfast.

After i calmed them down and convinced them i wasn't part of a IRA kidnap squad I drove them back to  there rightful part of town.

I ended up giving a very heavy discount on the fare because i went to the wrong destination and compensation  for the emotional distress (there was four of them remember and they where a bit pissed off i wasn't going to argue).

Needless to say i now make bloody sure i know for certain before exactly where there for before i move an inch.

Oh well peace out and all that!!


  1. hahaha! doubt them turning their rangers strips inside out would've worked for 'em?!

    btw many moons ago i used to work for fonacab next door to city cabs. used to get a taxi home with you's after my shift. wonder if i were one of your fares?

  2. Yup I used to take fonacab staff home but only on a Friday and Saturday nights the rest of the week I worked days.
    I worked with citycab until they where taken over so there is a pretty good chance I have lifted you.
    The only fonacab staff I remember by name though is mickey Higgins!


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