Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Asthma Attack.......

I thought I was going to pop my clogs.

I just couldnt get a breath and sounded something between whale song and  the puffing of a steam train.

I was having my first asthma attack in I would guess about 10 years.

I don't ever remember any of my previous attacks taking so much out of me, but then again the last time i took an attack I was in my early twentys and fighting fit.

Unlike now where while I'm in shape that shape happens to be spherical.

Off all the places for this to happen it had to happen in the City hospital.

I was making my way up to collect a package from one of the upper floors when i was hit by the heat in the building.

I think it was going from the freezing cold outside into the heat that set me off, I tried waiting out the attack but after 15 minute I was still wheezing awfully and was forced to abandon the job.

It was embarrassing to have to call into control to explain what had happened so they would get someone else to cover the work for me.

In the end i had to call it a night because even though i got my breathing under control I was left with a case of the shakes.

No one wants a driver who looks like he has alcohol withdrawal problems
I got to admit the whole thing has left me paranoid and a wee bit scared in case it happens again!

For the first time in years im remembering to take my friggin Inhalers every day.

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  1. Oh dear - Best wishes to you - I get panic attacks sometimes - no real reason for it - possibly triggered by tiredness - and I know how anything like this can really dent your social confidence. Just remember that people are lovely and will always help you out - good luck and just keep going out. This will keep up your confidence.


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