Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mrs.BelfastTaxi sicky bad no well

So Mrs.belfastTaxi isn't well she spent most of yesterday up at the Royal hospital.

She has felt ill for over a week now and also had gut wrenching pain in her tummy
but being a woman and as stubborn as a mule it has taken over a week to get her to see her own doctor.

Just after lunch yesterday she got a call from her doctor telling her to come down the office as there was a problem with her bloods.

Long story short something in her blood work that was meant to read somewhere around 6 was over 140 in hers so she was packed of the hospital.

After more bloods followed by some poking and prodding they worked out she had something called Diverticulitis.

They wanted her to stay in but she talked them round into letting her out with antibiotics and a promise to return should the pain get any worse.

Also if its no better she will be kept in next week.

Needless to say she wouldn't have been back home if I had known what she was doing at the time because I would have tied her to the bloody bed myself.

So keep her in your prayers folks as I having to stay in hospital will dive her nuts.
(she get bored easily)


  1. Hope she feels better soon.

    (I'm like that, waiting three weeks to see if a finger will grow back itself before I eventually take it to a hospital and ask if they can please fix it for me!) :¬)

  2. Oh dear, that's very painful, she'll have to eat small healthy meals and get lots of rest, poor lady, my friend has it too. Take care, Sharon.

  3. I cetainly will my friend. Keep us posted.

  4. Pray that the lovely lady wife gets better very soon. she must take it easy....not easy when you're a woman and a working one at that .

  5. Thinking of her and hoping she gets well speedily.



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