Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sounds Familiar......I could swear i know that voice!


I know that name i though to myself when I read the job i had just received on the datahead.

There is nothing unusual in that you get to know the names of regular punters.

but this didn't hit me as someone I knew.

Anyhow i made my way to where I was meant to pick up and two vaguely familiar fellas jumped in.

I ask where i was taking them, they where heading to separate addresses.

One bloke had a Belfast accent and one had an American/Canadian accent and for some reason it was the gent with the American/Canadian accent who i found familiar.

Both passengers where in very good form laughing and messing about, I was still trying to figure where i knew this bloke from there was.

We arrived at the first address quickly and the fella with the American/Canadian accent says his goodbyes and gets out.

As we where driving away I asked fella number two so what did you folks get up to tonight?

"Not much we where just at the students union the comedy club was on tonight.

"Comedy Club"

All of a sudden I knew why Mr American/Canadian accent was familiar.

It was bloody Tom Stade he's a stand up comedian.

One I did a friggin post on just a few weeks ago!!



  1. And you could've told him ome of your jokes!! :¬)

  2. No, he would just have to read the Sad taxi drivers joke of the week just like everyone else!! :)

  3. True! :¬)

    Have a good weekend pal.


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