Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Benny a Belfast icon.....

Working night you tend to come across the odd eccentric, yes I think eccentric is a good word.

One such fella is Benny.

Anyone who goes out in the centre of Belfast with any regularity is bound to came across Benny riding his bike laden with bags and buckets

At one stage he even carried several small dogs, one of which wore sunglasses all the time.
Benny even has his own Appreciation Society

Most of the time you will see
him harassing and antagonising the Gypsy's who are themselves annoying people leaving the pubs and clubs trying sell them plastic roses!

I would love to know what they did to rattle his cage in the first place.

Any how the reason for this post is I haven't see Benny about the last few weeks.

Its odd not to spot him a few times during the week.

God willing he is OK the place would be less entertaining if he wasn't around.


  1. Here in Fort Lauderdale near the beach, there's a tall, white male homeless person who wears a two-piece, string bikini and blond wig. He performs antics on the sidewalk and street and passing tourists slide him a couple of bucks to snap their picture with him.

    One waitress told me that after she got off of work late at night, she noticed him at a local 24 hour convenience store buying food for other homeless people. God love him.

    I do hope that Benny is alright though.

  2. From what i am told Benny isn't homeless, he has his own semi detached house!


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