Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sarurday night TV

Now i suppose it kinda goes without saying i tend to work most if not all Saturday nights, after all when else would a taxi driver make any money these days.

So it no surprise that i never really see what passes for Saturday night TV.

Well tonight was the exception to the rule.

I had the night off due to a certain puppy (im looking at you ruby) having a weak bladder that leaked on my back seat despite only being in the cab for 2 frickin minutes and having been to the loo just before she got in!


Strictly come dancing made my night and put me back in a good mood.

Or more accurately that old battle axe Miss Ann Widdecombe former member of parliament on Strictly come dancing made my night.

She looked like big bird and moved like a baby hippo with no sense of rhythm and when she was spun around the floor I was in stitches, but she was fantastic caring not a jot what the judges thought just enjoying herself.

She single handedly made the show of course the judges hated her attempt at the Samba.

The judges gave her the lowest score ever on the show but with any luck the public vote will save her as it has done for the last few weeks.

For the first time ever I even voted myself on a TV vote, it was worth the 15p Ann was priceless.

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  1. I have just been informed MY hero Ann has made it into the next show!! yay


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