Monday, November 15, 2010

Lost property............... Dad do ya like my new IPhone

I never check the car for lost property when I quit for the night.

Instead Jr checks it the next morning when he is getting a lift up to school with his mum or when we are heading out somewhere at the weekends.

For the most part he finds the odd coin or two, sometimes if he is very lucky he has came across a note or two.

His reward for doing this is that what he finds he gets to keep.

That was until yesterday.

We where all piling into the car heading over to Boucher Rd to Pets at home looking for a new collar for the mutt.
"Sweet i always wanted one of these" shouted Jr excitedly.

"Whats that then" I yawned (night shift sucks)

"Well you know how uncle Bobs got a IPhone 3gs?"
"An IPhone 3gs? what do you mean 3gs? An IPhone an IPhone isn't it?"

"No Dad theirs a difference like mines an IPhone 4"

I wasn't falling for that one i know he wants a new mobile for Christmas!

"You ain't getting an IPhone do know how much they cost"

"Its OK Dad i got one here!" he grinned

"WHAT where did you get that?"

"It was under the back seat, I always wanted one of these there sweet" he said still smiling
"Jr we got to give it back they cost a bomb" i tried to explain

"Maybe they don't want it why else would they leave it at there ass!!"

"I doubt they did it on purpose and stop saying ass".

So i ended up prizing the phone out of his hand, after five minutes of trying to work out how the hell it worked (Jr knew but i wasn't handing it back)
i called the number save as home on the phone.

The fella that lost it was one of my first punters the night before so i had been driving around all night with it on the floor of the cab and no one had nicked it!!

I arranged to drop it off on my way to Boucher, The fella was chuffed to get it back.

  I told IPhone man there was no need but Jr was a bit happier when he got rewarded with a £20 finders fee.

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