Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Its not just Bob that dont like Mondays.....

Last night was my first Monday night in God knows how long.

I hate working Mondays simply because they tend to be so slow.

I ended up working last night due to unforeseen events last weekend.

To start  my beloved was under the weather and feeling extremely sore on the Friday night so being the caring husband that i am i stayed home and tried to look after her.
(although I think I got in the road as much as I managed to help!!)

Saturday and Sunday nights where lost thanks to Ruby the new family puppy/mutt getting over excited and spilling the contents of her bladder on my back seat.
She managed this despite going to the loo only 2 minute before and the journey in the car lasting 1 minute!

Even though i was able to clean everything she spilled it took two days to dry properly.

So in the end I had to work last night to get enough money to pay depot rent.
Well I say work but I think more time was spent staring at other taxi drivers wondering why I was there!

 Bob don't like Mondays either!

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