Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Any empty bottles?

So i had to queue for water in a country that only 2 days ago was 2 feet deep in bloody snow.
(Well the wife did i have a dodgy leg so cant but i was there in spirit).

Only in this wee country is it possible to go from snowed in to drought in less than 48 hours.

I feel like shouting and yelling but i know that i have a snowflakes chance in hell of anyone who cares and is able to do anything hearing me.

The most frustrating thing is the lack of information from the water service of Northern Ireland all they will tell us is that the interruption will last a few days and water if you bring your own containers and showers between 9am and 10am are available at one of three leisure centres.

That said

Now we have drinking water and are able to cook food again 

If we are careful we might even be able to wash the dishes.

But if we plan to flush the loo any time soon and it really needs done soon we wont have much left for anything else.

So i had better keep this post short if i am going to have to drop Mrs.belfasttaxi back down to the line again as she doesn't like queuing after dark.


  1. Very funny - Mrs Cabby queueing in the dark... We'll not forget this winter in a hurry. We've had heat and water okay but 4 breakdowns in the car. Had to send water by taxi to friends today - it's like the war all over again!!!

  2. You have heat AND water! Right thats it i am moving into yours

  3. I was just watching the Beeb and saw a story about the water condition there and Thought I'd drop you a line. Lo and behold, I see it's affecting you.

    2 words pal. Hand.. Sanitizer.

    A doc was on tv explaining how hardly anyone is washing their hands due to lack of water. Keep it handy mate.

  4. "A doc was on tv explaining how hardly anyone is washing their hands due to lack of water."

    The wife is a clean freak and has carried that hand cleaning goo stuff your on about since Jr was wee.

    That said I would kill for a shower, being a fat bugger the thought of public showering is about as attractive as being covered in cow dung!

  5. We had a barrell under the downpipe in our last hose. It filled up quickly with very little rain.Soft water too,good for washing. I saw 1,000+ litre tans is the plumber supplyers the other day.
    With water tax coming its the way to go.
    happy 2011 to you all

  6. Should read house and tanks

  7. You may just be right John, they have already started with the "if we privatized the water service this would never have happened" crap.


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