Sunday, December 26, 2010

The great Ulster fry

Tradition is that on Christmas day we have what is simply the king of all breakfasts.

Nothing sets you up for the day like

The Ulster Fry

A proper Ulster fry will contain:
bacon, fried eggs, sausages, soda bread, potato bread, Black pudding
and sometimes a piece of Veg roll or a fried pancake.

Anything else is just garnish

The only drink suitable for consumption with a full ulster is of course tea that has been
boiled orange and so strong you can stand the spoon up in it.
nom nom


  1. Utterly delicious. You've just reminded me to prepare for one this weekend. I have some fine bacon in the fridge; bangers in the freezer; I devour potato bread by the packet... and mushrooms, black pudding, soda, tomato... you name it!

  2. a full ulster fry on xmas morning before you have a big xmas dinner!
    wouldnt like to be cleaning your cage out lol

  3. To be fair Christmas dinner in ours doesn't happen until about 5pm so there is plenty of time from brekky at 7:30AM for it all to digest!!

  4. There are oh so many places to get a decent fry i could mention quite a few of them around high street and bridge street.

    But on the rare occasions the wife lets me indulge I normally plump for Richie's on the Castlereagh Rd.


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