Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Water need water......

I am beginning to think that someone out there doesn't like me.

For the guts of a week i have had no water because the supply pipe into my house was frozen.

Now all the ice has gone the water service of Northern Ireland cant cope with all the cracked and broken pipes.

Which means that once again i have no friggin water.

The best they can do is tell me to go to a local leisure centre to collect up to 20 litres so long as i can bring my own containers!!

Also if i could make it down before 10 that would be nice!!

As much as i whinge about it for me its an inconvenience i can go collect water but what are Northern Ireland water service doing for the ill or infirmed?

Very little as far as i can see most of those unable to make it to collect water are reliant on their friends and neighbours.

If you unfortunate to have to go collect water at one of the stations please think if there is anyone you know who may need someone to pick up bottle or two from them.

Ps: on the plus side i am getting a night off because i cant wash my uniform!!

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