Friday, December 03, 2010

Sleeping in…..


When you work nights its kinda hard to sleep in but i have managed it.

While i don't have a set start time the depot i work for do have a cut of time.

If you work nights you have to be out before 10pm which shouldn’t have been that hard.

I’m still not sure what the hell happened i sat down to watch Australian Masterchef (don't judge me) at 7pm and the next thing i know its a quarter to bloody eleven.

OK I know i ain’t been sleeping well of late for various reasons but having to take the night of puts me under pressure to make enough pennies to pay the bills.

Oh well nothing for it but an early start tomorrow!


  1. I work the 2nd shift, 1-9 PM and I LOVE IT!

  2. Rather you than me JD I tried a similar shift but hated it.

  3. Yes, do you want traffic or drunks?.

  4. Drunks at least they are entertaining!


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