Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Oh shit Oh shit make the bad car stop......

Early hours of this morning it had just finished snowing and i had just finished a run to east Belfast.

The Upper Newtownards Rd to be exact.
Well one of the little side streets just of it.

My customer safely deposited at her place of residence i started making my way back on the N,townards Rd.

What I didn't noticed on my way in was a tiny tiny hill in fact it was barely an incline.

I did notice it on the way out however because when i pushed the big make car go slower /stop pedal nothing happened.
Now it needs to be said I wasn't going all that quickly at most i was travelling about 5mph and to be fair that's probably exaggerating.

So what's the problem i hear you ask your only sliding at 5ish mph?

Well yes i was only doing 5ish mph but i was also about to slide straight out on to one of the busiest roads in Belfast.

The first thing I thought was oh shit oh shit make the bad car stop!

The second thing I thought realizing thought number one wasn't going to help was this things moving so slow I could just about stand up and just get out and i will be fine.

The third thought was if i get out then i will have a hell of a time explaining any accident to the cops and if i was still inside i might be able to do something when i regain control.

So i put on the hazard lights ( I figured a car that wouldn't stop was a hazard) to try and attract other drivers attention.

I also decided to sound my horn figuring it would get more drivers spot me and give them a chance of avoiding me.

So heart racing, horn sounding and hazards flashing i slid out on to the main Rd.

Where coming straight for me was nothing yup not a thing.

In my panic I had managed to forget it was the early hours of the morning so i ended up feeling a bit of a prat.

Even though it turned out to be a panic over nothing I still had a great adrenaline rush and a case of the shakes for a good half hour.


  1. I read your headline and thought you were the taxi driver who took me home on Friday night... I think I may have been shouting the exact same thing... but that was because of over indulgence on the old shots. Shouldn't be allowed out.

  2. I won't go out in this weather - God bless the taxi drivers - my husband is battling on to work even though it takes him 30 mins to defrost and dig out the car - I think he's mad and he thinks I'm a quitter - can't wait to see the back of this winter.

  3. John: over indulgence a shot or two to many? oh well it has to be done at this time of year. If you where unlucky enough to get in my cab I would get you home safe Manuel was unfortunate enough to get in my cab once and he survived!!

    Sharon: You have the right idea if I didn't have to my fat lazy backside would never leave the house

  4. I'm sorry not to be supporting Fona Cab though - is that your firm??? Our car just broke down so you never know - we might meet soon - I'll be pleased to meet a driver who also panics - we should form a support group. My nerves are in tatters at the idea of the school bus being withdrawn for whatever reason - more snow or student riots etc. Oh Lordy, my heart is hammering already!!! Can I have a VIP jump-the-queue special code please???

  5. "VIP jump-the-queue special code" I'm pretty sure that there isn't one but if i ever find one i email it to ya.
    As things are fairly quiet I doubt you would be waiting long anyway!

    Fonacab gave their drivers a pressy last week by ending the 25% discount card.

  6. Thanks - my hubby got several cabs this week as his car broke down again - excellent service from your company. Much appreciated.

  7. I hope he gets his car fixed soon, it can be difficult getting by without it when your used to just jumping into motor at a moments notice.


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