Friday, December 17, 2010

Service Withdrawn

I have been under the weather most of the last week ( mixture of head cold and nasty eye infection that made my eye swell up like i had been punched) so i ain't been out working as much as i should have been.

So now that i was all tickety boo again I was looking forward to getting out to work.

So when i seen tonight weather report I wasn't going to be put off my a little bit of snow.

I mean how bad can it be?

About this bad I reckon!

Well i found out pretty damn quick as i slipped slid just trying to move off and driving in a straight line was difficult as the cab wanted to skid every time it hit a bump.

I got stuck on the hill on Park Ave and had to slide down backwards with only about a yards worth of vision behind me.

In the end I had to admit defeat.

Yes i could use the cash this close to Christmas especially with being off but at the same time its hard to make money taxiing when the top speed you can do is about 10 mph.

More heavy snow is forecast for today.

But I will try again tonight  when with any luck the roads service may have the streets in better condition.
(wont hold my breath though)

To be honest i expect any one with half brain will be stay the hell indoors, but i bet it wont stop those going to their works party's!

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