Monday, December 06, 2010

Time to Christmas things up…..

Ok i am not normally one who goes in for a lot of the shazzam around Christmas, i like to enjoy Christmas quietly with family and don't feel the need to light up the front of my house with plastic reindeers for six weeks prior to the event.

But i am going to make an exception this year and jazz up the cab, Christmas it up as such.

Why am i doing this?

Because Mrs.belfasttaxi told me i have too.

She also mumbled something about me being a miserable auld  grump and offered me a humbug for some reason

So form tonight i will probably be the only taxi in Belfast with a dancing Santa on the inside and a pair of antlers plus a red nose on the outside!

Oh well i suppose if nothing else they will attract attention which might get me a little more work.

Although if it was me it would be the one cab i would avoid.

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