Thursday, February 11, 2010

All i got is a £20

What a frustrating night last night was.

By 10 pm i was fretting, by 11pm i was getting a little upset but by half past midnight i was raging.

I never thought i would be complaining about people handing me £20 notes! after all they one of my favourite things in the world after £50 and £100 notes.

But why do people insist in paying for a short journey where the fare is £3 with a twenty?

I know sometimes it just happens that way.

I expect this to happen and have adjusted my float but last night out of all the fares i covered (before being forced to concede defeat and go home) all but 2 gave me a £20 for a fare less than a fiver un fucking real.

The Depot i work for insists that you have enough of a float to provide change of a £20 and take a dim view if you ask the punter if he has anything smaller.

So have ended up with a six pack of coke cola where each tin was bought individually so i could get change for the next person to give me another £20.

Suppose i will have to put last night down a freak occurrence as its the first time i have been emptied of all my notes and change.

So I'm off to the bank to restock my float before Mrstaxidriver thinks all those 20s where profit.


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