Monday, February 15, 2010

St Valentines

St Valentines

"St Valentines night is always busy night so come out and stay late"
This was the message on my data head sent by the power that be at my depot.

All i can say in response is lies all lies, its all lies that's because i was daft enough to believe it and it cost me a night in with my beloved.

I should have known that it would not be any busyer than any other Sunday in fact it was the opposite due to suckers like me coming out on a shift we don't normally work making it worse for the guys who normally do this shift.

It should have twigged that a similar message gets sent anytime there is an event of any kind.

The reason being the desk staff or depot owners want to cope with any rush that may happen but normally doesn't and didnt last night.
(Desk staff panic if customers waiting for 10 minuites, most will wait happily if you tell them the truth and not tell them straight way!)

So i think from now on i will be sticking to my normal shifts and ignoring any further messages from the powers that be to come out as it will be busy.
Maybe take mrstaxidriver out instead.

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